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Any cloud can black out. Mission-critical apps cannot depend on one cloud.

Cloud outages occur at times. Even a major cloud service provider compensates customers with 10–30% of usage fees when the service level drops below 99.95–99%, which is equvalient to unplanned downtime 4.4 hours–3.7 days per year. Multiple clouds together can build resilience. The availability for two independent clouds (at 99.95% SLA) backing each other attains 99.999975%!

A cloud can black out

Multi-cloud adoption is gaining traction. Enterprises seek to avoid cloud vendor lock-in.

Also, to meet data sovereignty requirements, you may have to use cloud platforms by different providers because of their data centers' geographic locations. So you need to port data and apps across different clouds. This is very hard because different cloud platforms are generally not interoperable. It is required to develop multiple app versions with different cloud APIs as well as complex logic to synchronize data across clouds.

Different clouds are incompatible

We integrate clouds. With our technology, you can easily develop intercloud apps.

We are building intercloud platforms to make your enterprise apps and data portable across different clouds. Our intercloud services will allow you to write an app once to run across major public clouds. Our universal data access API will support your app to manage data in different PaaS data stores. If you are interested in our technology, please contact us; we will update you about our product development.

We make clouds interoperate

Our Products

We are building our products to enable the following intercloud scenarios:

Intercloud data management

A unified data management platform that allows applications to manage the data physically stored in different clouds with a universal API.

Disaster recovery

An intercloud messaging service that allows application instances running across multiple clouds to synchronize states. When a cloud is out of service, application instances on other clouds scale out to sustain the service level without any interruptions.

Please contact us if you want to get the up-to-date information about our product development.

Our Services

We specialize in cloud application development. We provide professional services to help your organization develop scalable and resilient cloud apps on major cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud Platforms.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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Throput is a start-up specialising in cloud software development. We integrate clouds and focus on R&D of inter-cloud technologies. We also provide consulting services in cloud application architecting and development.

We are inviting software engineers who are passionate about building cloud solutions to join us. The following are our job openings:

Software Engineer

Software Engineer (Cloud / Artificial Intelligence / Robotics)

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